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Not Just Meat Loaf

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Welcome to the vid suite.

As something of a technical dunce, recording and posting high quality clips is something that's a bit of a mystery to me.

Below are some vids of me that I know are online.

I'm hoping that i'll soon replace them with better quality vids that reflect more accuratly the look and sound of my shows.

OK, let me quickly explain this one. Jim Steinman (most famous for writting songs for Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler) wrote a music recycling music from his well know hits. The musical was in German and called Tanz Der Vampire (Dance Of The Vampires). There is a duet called Totale Finsternis that uses the music of Total Eclipse Of The Heart.

I was meeting some friends in London, and somehow the challenge to sing this song with my German friend, Ines, came about. I had a week to learn the song, and we finally had a chance to go through the song face to face for the first time about an hour before performing it.


This takes the meaning of "on the road" to a whole new level lol.

Running outside with the radio mic is something so simple, but it never fails to amaze and get laughs. Laughs are a good thing.

Apologies for the bad sound quality, and the cameramans potty mouth.

My sister in laws 30th birthday.

At the end of the night I got the family up to finish the night off with me.