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Not Just Meat Loaf

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Not Just Meat Loaf

A typical Not Just Meat Loaf gig consists of 3 X 45 minute sets, featuring the music of a diverse  collection of artists.

As you would expect, I throw in at least one Meat Loaf song per set, but with material from artists from Chas & Dave to The Blues Brothers, from Michael Buble to Bryan Adams, there is something to please everybody.

The big finish is always Bat Out Of Hell, followed by an encore, usually Meat's version of Black Betty.

My wife, Joanne will often join me on stage for a duet or two, such as Paradise By The Dashboard Light and the Grease megamix.


If you have any guest artists who like to get up and give a song, i'm perfectly happy to get them up to give a turn during the intervals. See the karaoke service below for details.

Karaoke Service

Everybody loves to sing. Karaoke was my training ground and it's a service I still provide for anyone who loves to spend 5 minutes in the spotlight.

Weather you're a crooner or a rock n roll hero, with approx 10,000 songs on list (that's with no duplicates) there should be something to please any Saturday night superstar.

Many karaoke hosts will proudly tell you that they have over 100,000 tracks, but when you consider that over 100 of those tracks are My Way, 75 are The Wonder Of You, and about 200 versions are Delilah, don't let those big numbers fool you.

Again, the 10,000 figure mentioned above does not include duplicate versions of any one song.


We have the standard karaoke menus that are sorted A~Z by song, but we also provide menus that are sorted A~Z by ARTIST. Want to know what Elvis songs are available without going through 200 pages? No problem. Look up Elvis in the A~Z by artist and you'll find all your favourite Elvis hits listed together.


Joanne will be there if you nedd any help finding a song to sing.


If the audience is a little shy, don't worry. I'll keep the show going until your singers are in the mood. I'm a proffessional singer, and I love my job. It's my pleasure to add my performance to the show.

Hell On Earth - The Meat Loaf Tribute

Also available is a Meat Loaf tribute show.

Featuring all the iconic hits such as Bat Out Of Hell, I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That), Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad, and many many more.

If you love The Loaf, let me give you a thrilling night's entertainment that you'll never forget.

I've performed Meat's songs for many years, for many people, and for a wide range of events. Even the funeral of a massive Meat Loaf fan whose family wanted to send him off in a way he'd be proud of.

A new show is in the works right now.

Contact me to find out more.

Ray Presto

As i've mentioned in my bio, I started in the entertainment business as a magician, and magic is something I still perform.

An award winning close up magician (performing at a table right under your nose), and veteran of hundreds of childrens magic shows, contact me with your needs to see how I can bring something a little unusual with that extra special touch to that big occassion.